Sunday, September 16, 2012


Yesterday saw the close of the Royal Adelaide Show and 9 days of promotion of the Cause of Organ and Tissue Donation - long shifts and much fatigue for many people - and it is my hope that we did much educating and increasing awareness.

We did enrol many onto the Organ Donor Register, but our purpose was to increase awareness and educate people as to the entire process and to answer many questions.

Both sides of transplant - Judy a Donor Mum and me a recipient. 

It was a fascinating experience and one I really enjoyed - I enjoyed the people, the crowd, the atmosphere and I enjoyed giving back and honouring the gift of life I received.

My own clinic appointment on Friday was a positive experience with drug levels "perfect" blood pressure improved, cholesterol excellent - so I left clinic with a smile on my face and an appointment for three months time (which will make it two weeks before Christmas.)

It is nice to be off the treadmill of appointments, but also very comforting to know that my Transplant Coordinators are only a phone call away, should I have any queries or run into any problems.

991 days today since transplant and I am alive and well and loving my life 

 "To be in the world, and of the world, and never stand aside and watch."

I am alive and well and I am thankful.

Love and hugs,

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