Sunday, September 16, 2012


Welcome to Sunday Morning in my little corner of the world, where Spring is trying very hard to dance on the stage, but Winter is still in the wings and holding her back.  The sky is silver grey and there is no wind and every so often the sun manages to peep through the clouds.

I had a very busy day yesterday working with Donate Life Australia at the Royal Show again and it was a delightful day with Judy, Lovely Lesley and Alison.  The company was great and the people we spoke with were very interesting - I am a people person and know and understand that everyone has a story and I love sharing those stories.

At times we were busy at other times not and there was time for some silliness among the seriousness of our purpose and it was good to share those moments as well as the passion that brought us together.

It was a long day and I was looking forward to sitting quietly on the bus on the way home - well that didn't happen - I sat close to a lady who asked me about the route the bus would take and then she began to talk - it was a very interesting ride home - she shared HER story with me and then said some things to me and I have no idea how she could possibly have know these things about me.  She told me lots of things about me which were quite true - some of which were that I had two grown daughters, I had been ill but was doing very much better and that I grieved for times I had lost.  All of which is perfectly true  - I do have two grown and beautiful daughters - I have been ill and I am doing so much better and I do indeed grieve for the times and days I lost when in a coma.  How on earth this lovely and very elegant soul knew these things I will never know - she went on to assure me I would never get those times back and it was okay to let them go.  

I alighted from the bus and left her to continue her journey (probably to baffle someone else) but it left me a little disturbed as to how she knew these things.  She did assure me that it would all be alright and I doubt that our paths will ever cross again but she did reach out eagerly and without fear to me.

I have learned too to reach out eagerly and without fear to those who cross my path (not with any information about them) but just to offer a kindly word, a smile and some words of encouragement and comfort and I live with the hope that those actions do in fact bring comfort to people.

I have learned so much in a short time - probably the past four years have given me time to think, to ponder and peruse my life and to see things as they really are and how I would like them to be.  I live in possibility and take inspiration from the courage and strength of those I encounter - and there are those who are very brave and are getting on with the living in spite of constant pain.

I enjoy the company of people ~ the smile from the elderly gentleman at the shopping centre - (I may be the only one he talks with that day) to laugh and find joy in the company of children and to reach out eagerly and without fear to those I meet.

 I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.  
Helen Keller 

I take delight in the people I meet and when we part I feel richer for having had them in my life for that short time.   Friendships are made and some last a very long time and others are just "one time" friendships and I am thankful for all of those I call friend.

I am loving my life and tasting experience to the utmost and finding lots of good things and special people along the way.

Thank you for visiting the musings of my heart - a heart today that is thankful for all that is mine - for those I love and cherish deeply in my heart, for the love and care they show to me and for the joy they bring.

Take care on this Sunday - rest, refresh, restore and enjoy some time with those you love or if that isn't possible - find a nice cosy spot and walk through some memories to bring you close.

Love and hugs,

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