Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Richard BurtonGenevieve Bujold as Henry viii and Ann Boleyn in 

This was a film released in 1968 and one I loved and it has always stayed with me ~ I have loved the historic nature and the story - the acting was superb too.

Anne was Queen for 1000 days before Henry signed the papers to have her executed and he could then marry wife number three.

A thousand days is not a long time and yet it is a long time.  For me today celebrates 1000 days of living with "Oliver" my transplanted liver.

I have been so very blessed to have been carefully and prayerfully supported by family and friends, in the care of a wonderful surgical team and returned and restored to health by a team of "Angels" who nursed me on 5E at Flinders Medical Centre.

I live each day with a thankful heart and offer my gratitude to the wonderful man who gave me the gift of life.   Owen and your family - I am thankful each day and offer thanks for each and every morning and every day of my gifted life.

I don't wish to compare myself with Anne Boleyn because at 1000 days if was "off with her head" with the flourish of a pen by Henry Viii.

Another Queen - who reigned for 40 years was Elizabeth 1 - and I am fortunate enough to share a birthday with her - and I hope that my reign will be long and trouble free.

Queen Elizabeth First.

I am blessed in so many ways - I have a wonderful medical team, a special family who allow me to be myself and live my life as I choose (some eye rolling at times) a fabulous group of real life friends, an amazing and supportive network of on line friends and I am loved.

There are special people in my life with whom I can truly share my hopes and fears and talk at length with and I value the love and encouragement that these special people bring to my life.

There is sunshine in my life, music to thrill my soul, and pleasure in the world around me.  I love walking at the edge of the ocean, strolling along the banks of the river, reading a great book in a garden, movies and meals with friends and family.   Family celebrations are special as there were times when I felt that I would not be here for those.,

I am blessed indeed - happy and proud - I know that I live on borrowed time, must check in to medical appointments often, take regular medications ~ but there is nothing that can take away the pure and special joy of just being alive.

Celebrate 1000 days with me and I am thankful to all of you who have followed this Blog since it first started as a way of letting people know how things were going for me.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a very happy and very full heart that delights in loving and living. 

Love and hugs,

I am dancing through life with the daffodils.

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