Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Welcome to Wednesday in my little corner of the world where it is warmer and I have broken out a much lighter shirt to wear today - pink and white stripes.   The sun has been shining but is now overcast and the wind has been blowing from the north which always means a warmer day for us.

My lovely car and I have been "On the Road Again" this time paying pack a very big debt - driving John for a medical procedure - and it is wonderful to be able to do this after all the times and efforts he has put in for me.  He has sat in waiting rooms and empty hall ways at all hours of the day and night, made the trek from home to Flinders many many times and although he would say I owe him nothing - I feel it an honour to be able to do something for him.

His procedure went well and he goes back in 10 days for detailed results.

I stayed in the car in a pretty carpark/garden and read my book - it was a peaceful time and the traffic coming home was much quieter than the 8.30 morning rush hour to North Adelaide. 

Spending time here was not difficult.

Trees and cars all around

A terraced garden

Ivy well established on a wall.

Pretty pink Shrub.

It is a wonderful feeling to be "On The Road Again" and driving around this fair City  - and a great honour to be able to pay back for some of the dark days and miserable times my illness caused.

My friends at Love Your Liver decided I should have a fancy car to drive around and this is the one they promise will arrive in my driveway - oh the joy that this would bring.    It will take a while because it has to be modified to a left hand drive - it is very special to have friends who in spite of their pain and difficult lives because of liver disease, can joke and be funny - Thank you Group.   Very pretty.

I am alive and well and living a full and happy life and finding joy in the little things - and today especially being  "On the Road Again"  I loved it.

Thank you for visiting the musings of my heart - a thankful and happy heart which is finding great joy in living and loving.   I am very blessed.

Love and hugs,

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RellaB said...

oh Linda how the heck am I going to get in and out of that pretty pink roller skate Rellab