Thursday, October 4, 2012


Welcome to Thankful Thursday in my little corner of the world where the sun is shining and the temperature is much warmer than it has been for a long time.   No electric blanket these past few nights and much lighter clothes.
We are however due for more cold days ahead and that's the joy of living with the fickle Miss Spring.

I have been conspicuous by my absence from this Blog and I have reasons and yet I really have no excuse.  

Life on line has been busy for me with my Group and I have spent much time there sorting through things - and yes it is very worthwhile.  The Group is a very great support for members who, like me have had a liver transplant, for those who care for them and their family and friends but it does take time and effort which I gladly give.

Life is going along nicely and things that have been planned for a while are now coming to fruition. Naomi and Alexis are off to U.S.A. very soon - to be part of the US Election fever and do lots of sightseeing and I wish them well.

The dearest and sweetest friend anyone could ever had will celebrate the one year anniversary of liver transplant - Congratulations and I hope and pray for many many more years of good health.

I seem to have been on the social roundabout lately with lots of meals out  ~ a late lunch on Sunday afternoon with Alexis' parents was just delightful and there was much laughter and conversation.

John and I had dinner at a local pub last night - nice food and good service - and no dishes - wonderful.

My weekend has a Chinese meal scheduled in to celebrate Ilona's birthday and I am looking forward to dining at Lim's again - very nice restaurant.

Several friends are off on a holiday - Ray has made another trip to the Farm and is spending time with Grace and Henry on their School holidays and other close friends are off on a road trip to interesting and historic places and for all of them I wish them safety and good travelling.  I guess sunblock, hats, meds and many other things are packed and ready for the start of a very happy time  ~ I like road trips ~

Cameras will be packed and battery chargers for them and for phones and I am looking forward to undertaking this holiday vicariously through my friends.

It really is important that you be where you are or you could miss your life - be present to the moments of each day.   These moments make up our days, weeks, months and years of our lives and it would be tragic to miss even one of these moments.

These moments can come in the form of a sunrise, a sunset, the first bud on a rose, a daffodil standing strong in the wind, a letter received in the mail, a smile from a stranger and oh so many more things.

Open your eyes and look for the small things in your life and store them in memory for they will serve you very well in years to come.

I hope that the road you are traveling is a smooth one, that there are no big bumps and that you are able to navigate your way around those road blocks that try to stop us on our journey.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a thankful heart for so many things - my own health and the one year anniversary of my friend.  I give thanks to my donor and also to the person whose gift allowed my friend to live.

Love and hugs,

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