Friday, January 11, 2013


Today I celebrate life in all it's beauty and with all it's complexities.

I celebrate every breath I take and each morning when I wake reminds me of how lucky I am to be alive.  Each morning brings a new song of gratitude from my soul to the man who gave me the gift of life, to the surgical teams and nursing staffs who restored me to health, stood me back on my feet and helped me on my way.

I am thankful for my family who cared for me and loved me when I was unlovable because that's when I needed them most.

I celebrate daily the joys of friendship and the kindnesses shown to me, the love expressed and the care given.

I celebrate every sunrise, sunset, rain storm and the changing of the seasons which all serve to remind me that I am alive to see them happening.

I embrace cool shady spots on hot days, hot chocolate by the fire in winter, lovely books, perfume, flowers, outings with friends, deep and meaningful conversations with those who love me just the way I am and who rejoice that I am still here.

I am taking this life I have been gifted and grasping it with both hands and although I know I live on borrowed time, I am happy and living my life to the full.

My words for 2013 are "celebrate" and "embrace" and I know I made the right choice with those as I know also did my dearest friend did when he chose "Carpe Diem"  - I celebrate and embrace and seize every day.

Take hold of your life, grasp it with both hands and waste not a moment in self pity, wallowing and misery - find joys in the smallest things, laugh, love and be silly - splash in puddles, dance in the rain, walk by the river and splash in the sea.

CELEBRATE and EMBRACE your life.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of this pensive, thoughtful and happy heart and go peacefully and celebrate and enjoy.

Love and hugs,

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