Saturday, January 12, 2013


Welcome to my little corner of the world where the sky has been grey and overcast all day and we have been blessed with cool breezes.

It's been a day filled with small challenges and we seem to have got through them well.

While out shopping we found a flat tyre on the car which meant a wait for roadside service which came within the hour and a very charming young man rapidly changed the tyre for us.  A challenge to us because normally either one of us could change the tyre - but John's arthritis and my broken hand meant we had to ask for help.  (Which is what the RAA is all about !).
We read the newspaper while we waited and discussed and debated and tried to put the world to rights.   It really was a pleasant hour.

Then we faced the challenge of getting the tyre to the repair shop - so that took up most of our morning and unfortunately the tyre could not be fixed and John now has a new tyre on the car.   How lucky we were and how thankful we were that the weather was cool and this did not happen in the mid 40's as it has been for days.   
There is always something to be thankful for.

I have faced the challenge of a very flakey Internet connection all day and it has taken hours to get a connection to do this blog - so I have found other things to do.

I have sorted some new thing for Christmas 2013 and gathered more Christmas things from around the house ready to go into storage.

I have chosen the colours of purple, aqua and gold and there's another challenge there to get things to match.  

I like challenges - and I am glad to be well enough to be equal to most of the challenges that present themselves.   This broken hand has been and still is being a challenge to me - I am becoming quite adept and fastening my bra and managing showers etc.    But there are things I just cannot to and there lies the challenge of asking for and accepting help.  I am learning to do this graciously and always with gratitude.

Life presents many challenges - some small and some that require much more determination and effort - whatever the challenges that you face I wish you strength and courage to embrace them.

Another cool day tomorrow will, no doubt present more challenges and the whole of Australia is facing the challenge of coping with bush fires and the people fighting them are accepting the challenge and being resourceful.

However you spend your weekend, make it a good one - embrace the challenges, make the effort with patience and good humour - don't sweat the small things - and generally they are all small things. 

Embrace the challenges in your life and be patient with yourselves and I wish you all a lovely weekend - whether you are at home or away at a special place for a break.   If you are travelling I wish you a safe journey.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart.

Love and hugs,

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