Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I am back from the hospital with good news - my bones (yes there were two broken) are healing very well and I am now allowed to remove the splint for periods each day.    I have a lot of exercises to do and an appointment for three weeks time.

I must wear the splint to bed so that I don't roll on my hand - the bones are mending nicely but are considered "vulnerable" and I must take care.

I bumped into my Liver Specialist at the Hospital (he consults there from Flinders) and he is going to organize a Bone Density Scan for me.

A good morning and a good result - it is wonderful to be able to type with both hands and I am very thankful.

This post is just N "UPDATE" - back to blogging again very soon.

Thanks for calling by.

Love and hugs,

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