Sunday, February 17, 2013


Good morning and welcome to Sunday morning in my little corner of the world where life is sweet and kind.   The weather is hot and steamy - but this is Australia and this is summer.

It's been a busy summer and yet I don't seem to have done very much - my hand is healing very well and allowing me to do more things again - including driving the car which is a great joy to me.  It aches every now and then, but that serves as a reminder to not overdo things.

Another two weeks will see us in Australia at the end of our "official" summer and the start of Autumn - although March can still be very warm.  The hot days at that time of year are fewer and the cool changes always welcome.  It is hard to realize that time marches along at such a pace and six weeks will see us at Easter and three months of the year gone already.

My family are doing fine - very busy with their own lives and jobs.  My son in law damaged his back but it on the mend now and sadly said a final farewell to his Grandfather.  Younger daughter burned her fingers on the barbecue when the gas hose caught alight - but all is well there - lessons learned a a new barbecue on the shopping list.  They are just the normal things that families go through - little dramas in our lives.

My Celtic Thunder concert was a disappointment to me as I feel they have changed their style somewhat and there was not a lot of the beautiful haunting Celtic music I was hoping for - still I was able to go and be out in the world.  Had a nice dinner before hand and did a night time train trip home.  We had bought an extra ticket so that Narelle's Mum could come and I chose to sit in the single seat and met some lovely ladies who had traveled from Mount Gambier for the concert.  It is lovely to meet people who become "friends for just a few moments of the day".

I have done a few movies in January/February and loved being out - we have seen "Skyfall",  "The Hobbit", "Argo" and "Flight" and on my must do list is "Lincoln".   A hot afternoon in an air conditioned cinema with an ice cream and either Daniel Craig or Denzil Washington - what more could a girl ask for? 

We have had meals out and did enjoy a lovely afternoon with "High Tea" - scones, jam and cream, cakes etc.  - It was lovely.  

My little great niece turned 8 and has lots of toys so I bought her a "Cake Pop" maker to use with supervision - she was delighted.  I am not sure her Mother was quite so thrilled :) 

Life and my days are ordinary - and ordinary is wonderful - how I ached for, cried for and pleaded for ordinary days - and I am thankful that they are mine.

As always I am delighted and enthralled at the technology that brings my friends to me by message, sms, email and phone and I rejoice in the wonder of it all.

It is steamy early this morning but not too steamy for me to enjoy a lovely coffee as I write to you.   My hand is allowing me to type properly and I am planning on keeping a much better attendance record and sharing with you the Musings of My Heart.

Thank you for calling by and I wish you a wonderful Sunday - wherever you are - be it in the heat of summer or the depths of winter.  Be comfortable and safe and enjoy the company and presence of those you love around you.

I realize how truly blessed I am to be enjoying such good health and sign off now with a thankful heart.

Love and hugs,

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