Saturday, January 26, 2013


Good Afternoon and welcome to the Saturday of a holiday weekend here in Australia - the reason for our holiday is to Celebrate Australia Day.

The roads are busy as people travel to enjoy a break from work - the last one before the Easter break and the last one before School resumes on Tuesday.  In many homes over the last week or so there would have been busy times with the gathering of school uniforms, lunch boxes and books ready for the academic year.   So many little ones start school for the first time and for once the weather is going to be kind and remain cool for at least the first week. 

Those days are long gone for me and they were chaos but I miss them, I miss the organizing and planning and the things we would do in the last week.   Often the Christmas tree was left up until this last week and it gave them something to do having exhausted all the other "must do things" and in this last week my kids were allowed to have whatever they liked for breakfast.   As it was often very hot they were likely to choose to have ice cream - and on Thursday I kept up the family tradition and had chocolate chip ice cream for breakfast in very high temperatures ~ and the Christmas tree is still in the process of coming down - there were eight hands put it up and there has been only one taking it down - now up to two with the freedom of my hand from the splint.

It is a very quiet weekend for me - The Golden Girls did have a movie planned for Monday, but sickness means that this will probably not eventuate - which is fine with me - I can catch the film on DVD later. (Quartet with Jimmy Connelly).   I do however, want to see "Lincoln" on the big screen and this starts on February 5th. here in Adelaide.

The "Girls" have tickets for a concert of 'CELTIC THUNDER'
on Tuesday 15th. - tickets we have had booked for about five months and the it seemed the day would never get here - and it is almost upon us.

Go across to YouTube and listen to a snippet of what I am looking forward to.

It is lovely having something to look forward to and the anticipation is wonderful - often adding to the pleasure of the whole experience.

The weather in my fair city is delightfully cool and I am relishing it - the forecast for the coming week is for cool days and nights just designed for sleeping.  I am not silly enough to think that our hot summer is over but I am wise enough to enjoy the respite from the heat.

I have had a lovely afternoon "nap" and think if Napping were an Olympic Event that it is quite likely I would be a gold medalist.  I can recall days when the children were small when I ached to just lie down for a while and now I can and often do.

I have had lovely telephone conversations during this lazy day and it reminds me so much of the importance and value of the communication systems we have available to us.

In many parts of the United States snow is falling and I received a photograph taken from my friend's window showing me what he could see - snow covered vehicles.  This photograph revived in me many memories of my childhood days and snow storms and building snowmen - nice memories and receiving the picture delighted me.

It's the little things that often bring great joy to us.  A simple text message saying something funny and sharing part of a normal ordinary day can and does mean the world.

Everyday I am aware of the blessings that are mine and the gift of friendship is right up there near the top of the list.
There is always something to be thankful for and I am thankful for so many things.   I am thankful for my life, for the life of those I love and the gift of life we have been given.

Thank you for visiting The Musings of My Heart and sharing part of my journey - it is a thankful and very aware heart today.

Love and hugs,

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