Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Good Morning to you all and it is Wednesday morning in my little corner of the world and the day is sunny, clear but very windy - almost spring like.
There are blossoms on the almond tree and the petals are being blown all over the garden and are very pretty.  The wind is very cool but it is a lovely day. 

Wednesday - mid week and after today we are heading to another weekend and whether we are employed or not the weekend is always a special time - a time when we try to relax, enjoy family excursions, shop at leisure and spend time with those we love. Winter weekends hold long hours of warmth, hot chocolate and a good book or DVD.  Summer for those who are there can involve picnics in a park or at the beach, splashing in water and icy cold drinks.

Whatever you do today or at the coming weekend, try to be happy and enjoy - and this quote today reminds us that we cannot force happiness but we can actively not allow sadness to win.

There are times in each day when we go from highs of happiness to lows of sadness - we must remember to bounce back from the sad times  and claim the happiness that we have.

There are days when the sky seems grey and the clouds gather and our health very often affects how we feel.   If you are unwell right now I hope for better days ahead for you and strength to accept where you are and not let the sadness win.

Think about the children you know or have known and how quickly they go from laughter to tears (and back again) - they don't linger in the sadness as the happiness wins there most of the time.

My neighbour is cutting lawns right now and the smell of newly mown grass is on the wind and is lovely - it takes me back to childhood days and memories are sweet.

With all the rain we have had the weeds here are loving it and growing very well and there are always many to pull.    I love the changing of the seasons and the first indications that change is in the air - blossoms, daffodils, windy days and more daylight hours - I love life and accept each day with a thankful heart.

I hope that today you can find joy in the little things - can stop and smell the flowers, walk with a child, feel the sun on your back and warmth in your heart.
Take care on the roads, I wish for green lights for you and I hope that there is lovely coffee/tea and that you don't have to wait too long in queues for groceries or fuel.

Have a wonderful wonderful Wednesday and thank you for visiting the Musings from my Heart - a thankful happy heart.

Love and hugs,

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