Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Good Morning and welcome to Ruby Tuesday from Adelaide where the sky is grey and the day quite dismal with steady soaking rain - it is that lovely straight down rain with no wind and the puddles are tempting.

(enjoy listening to Ruby Tuesday)

I am off out in the car today and planning on having lunch at the beach at a nice cafe - there will be no walking on the beach, but sitting in the car and watching the water will be lovely.

Lots of lovely things happening for many people I know and love - weddings in the highlands of Scotland, a return to work after a break, the birth of a new and first grandchild, winter holiday at a beach.   Life can be and is very sweet.

I have a rich life - I love and am loved, I am thankful for so many many things, I try to live my life with integrity and I am certainly curious and at peace and try to be generous - it is indeed a rich life.

How are you spending the day ?   Do you have plans to do something nice, are you working or relaxing after work, on holidays or at home preparing for the return of family from school/work ?

However you spend this Tuesday - may it be peaceful for you and I hope that there are flowers on your pathway or diamonds in your sky.

I have just had a lovely long chat to my elder daughter who loves the grey days and rain and I could hear that pleasure in her voice.  She and her partner are very much "winter people" and thrive in the colder seasons.

There are more travel arrangements for my younger daughter with her work - Alice Springs this time - she enjoys her work and fortunately travels well because there is a lot of it.

The rain came down at Old Trafford (Manchester, England) and shattered any hope that Australia had of winning the third cricket test - sadly we have lost the series, but there is lots to learn and there is always another time.

Our Football season is getting close to the finals and while I don't follow the Football closely I always take note of who wins and who loses.  We are a family of mixed teams - so there is always someone pleased and someone disappointed with the results.

Our Electoral campaign is in full swing, and the mud slinging is happening thick and fast and we are deluged by political posters on almost every lamp post on every road but it certainly makes the news bulletins interesting.
I love the electoral times but don't like the affect it has on some people and the nastiness that can come out.   Newspapers are full of it all and are very often politically biased.

The rain is pouring down right now and I have a solitary daffodil just bursting into bloom bravely and strongly dancing in the breeze - a sure sign that spring is on the way.    Others will blossom very soon.  My very favourite flower of all.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are - stay warm and dry - or cool if you are in summer, enjoy hot chocolate or icy cold drinks - enjoy the day and enjoy the changing of the seasons.    I noticed recently that the days were getting longer and that it was light a little later.  

Take care and thank you for visiting the musings of my heart - today a thankful and happy heart.

Love and hugs,

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