Monday, August 5, 2013

A HAPPY ATTITUDE - Welcome to Monday

Good Morning from a sunny little corner of the world, but where it is cold and beautiful.   My city and my country are in the grip of Election Fever - with an election campaign of five weeks being announced yesterday - We go to the Polls on September 7th.l

I love the political debate and the campaigning and the passion that people have for their party of choice, but what I do not like at all is the way that people let it affect their attitude to others and the arguments that follow.

Please make your choice in an informed manner, but please respect the choice that others make - that is the joy and privilege of living in a democracy.  Respect the right of others to make a choice just as you have that right - even if you disagree.     Please agree to disagree without any nastiness or venom. 

We do have the choice to make ourselves miserable or happy and both require energy and effort - I am choosing happiness - how about you  ? 

I am finding joy in the little things of life, the fact that I live where I am free to vote and make choices, the fact that spring is in the air here in Adelaide - I have beautiful daffodils waiting to bloom and the almond blossom is out and white petals are flying around my garden in the strong breeze.

I wake each day with a thankful heart for so very many things - I am alive and well thanks to a wonderful man who made the choice to be an organ donor and I received the gift of life.

I am thankful for my family - for children who have become wonderful adults making their way in the world and making a difference.  For the friends who love me and care for me and listen to me.  Life is sweet and I am very thankful for the wonderful technology that has allowed me to "meet" many friends on line and to communicate easily with them.   

I am thankful for the women who went before me who fought for my right to vote, to work outside the home, and to hold positions of power and importance.

What are you thankful for and what makes you happy  ?   I hope you can easily find joy in the little things of life - I can and do find joy in little things and I am contented and at peace.

Take care and remember to respect each other and the choices that we make.

Love and hugs,

Australians have seven days to be sure their name is on the Electoral Roll - please make sure you are on the list.  

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