Sunday, August 4, 2013


Welcome to Sunday morning in my little corner of the world where the sky is grey and the air is damp and cold.   It is winter and to be expected and there are so many lovely things about winter - the warmth of my bed, hot chocolate, soups, casseroles and lovely cooking smells.

I love the image above and find it to be very true that we should keep in touch with the children around us and follow their example by continuing to play - "We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we cease to play"  - George Bernard Shaw and very wise words.

The concept of play is interesting - but to me it always includes laughter and company and can mean times spent doing craft or puzzles, listening to sweet music or reading.

How do you keep in touch with your inner child ?   I love to slash in puddles, kick through autumn leaves, spend time colouring with a child and singing silly songs with children.   I enjoy play dough, and paper crafts or watching a movie through the eyes of a child.  

I take time to give a cursory glance to children's television so that I can hold a conversation with the children in my life - and they think I am very special because I know the characters that they like. 

Whatever you do to nurture yourself - do it more often and enjoy it more - keep in touch with yourself, your feelings and your emotions, nurture your creativity whatever that is.  It may be knitting, quilting, paper craft, jewellery making, tapestry or needlework.    It may be cooking or woodwork - whatever it is - do it and enjoy it.    Set aside a time to spend with your "play"and be sure to enjoy - if it ceases to challenge you - find a new pleasure.

We have electricity cuts today for maintenance work, so I wanted to get this done while I have power - it makes me realize how much I depend on electricity for my daily life - computer, phone, hot water, kettle, coffee maker, toaster and all those domestic appliances we use without a thought.

I have a book and a lovely snuggly blanket for when the power is off so I will be fine and lots of other things to do which do not require electricity.

With the awareness of how much we depend on electricity comes a gratitude to those who maintain the safety of our domestic services and work at weekends and I am thankful.   How different our lives are to those of the people who pioneered our lands - we are very lucky indeed.

Enjoy your Sunday - however you spend it - be present to each moment of the day, make wonderful memories, spend time with the one you love and be sure they know you love them.

For those in winter - enjoy some warm time with hot chocolate and music and to those who linger in summer days, enjoy your daylight hours and your icy chilled drinks and sitting by the pool.

Celebrate and Embrace your lives and I send love and hugs your way.  

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