Saturday, August 3, 2013


Good Morning and welcome to Saturday morning in my little corner of the world - where the air is cold and damp but the coffee hot and strong.  A new day in front of me and one I have started well with a big pot of soup already on cooking - warm, welcoming and comforting.

I hope the sun shines for a while this afternoon because I would like to get out and pull some of the weeds that have flourished during the wet wet weather we have had, but if that doesn't happen - there is another day tomorrow.

Two of my girls are heading home today from a week at Port Elliott - a break they both needed very much - they work very hard and a winter holiday by the beach would have been lovely for them with walks on the beach and relaxing times. - lots of meals out too.

Now that I am back Blogging I am going to try to do this early in the morning and will have to tomorrow because we have power cuts for maintenance work from 8.00.a.m. - so there's a challenge for me.

I have reached this stage of my life with very few regrets and can honestly say I am pleased to be a work in progress. learning and growing each day.

The things that happen to us change us and I believe my illness and transplant has changed me into being a better person.   I am at peace with myself and feel "at home" and they must surely be good things.

I count my blessings every day and can always find something to be thankful for - yes there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for - even in the darkest hours.

I have no idea exactly what this day will bring forth - but I am open to the challenge and excitement and anticipate it with a smile.

My words for 2013 - are 'CELEBRATE' and 'EMBRACE' and I certainly try to do both of those things every day - I celebrate the little things and embrace the changes and challenges and always try to be present to the moment.

If it does rain this afternoon - a movie may be on my agenda with hot chocolate and some knitting - who knows and that's part of the challenge and adventure?  

I wish you all a wonderful Saturday and hope that you can find something nice to do - just a restful time, making cookies with children, a walk in the park or on the beach with the one you love.   I hope the phone rings for you with that call you are waiting for, you get green lights when you are out driving, and that the shop has exactly what you are looking for and you don't have to wait too long.

I wish you love and laughter, health and happiness, flowers on your pathway and diamonds in your sky.

Take care and please remember to be present to the moment,

Love and hugs,


(a work in progress.)

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