Saturday, August 31, 2013


  • Welcome to late Saturday afternoon in my little corner of the world where the sun has shone all day and there have been little white clouds in the sky and we have been caressed by a warm and gentle breeze.  It has been a very pretty and lovely day.

    1. I was up and cooking very early this morning so I am tired and will be heading off to bed early with a new book by a favourite author.  Life is sweet.

      Tomorrow is the first official day of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere and is the start of the BER MONTHS -

      SeptemBER, OctoBER, NovemBER and DecemBER

      and the time when thoughts turn to special holiday times of the year.  

      Our American Friends celebrate Labor Day this weekend and then will move into "Fall", Halloween and Thanksgiving and then on to Christmas.   We in the Southern Hemisphere have one more holiday before Christmas and my thoughts have already turned to Christmas and planning and dreaming.
      To those celebrating Labor Day this weekend - enjoy and be safe.

      I hope you are all able to enjoy a lovely and peaceful weekend with rest and good times with those you love.   My family will be celebrating Father's Day  (hence the cooking) and it is lovely no matter the reason to get together and just to celebrate life, living and love.  

      Wherever you are on this weekend, take some time to celebrate your life, your family and the field of unlimited possibilities that is your life.

      Take each day as it comes and enjoy whatever it brings your way - accept the challenges, step our of your comfort zone, see the little things around you and mostly be present to every moment.  Make the phone you have been thinking about, write the letter you promised you would, pick some flowers and take them to a friend.   Make a cake with a child - let them lick the beaters and share the joy of creating something.   Walk by the ocean or the river, notice the changing of the seasons, hear the singing of the birds.   All things are there and sometimes we become too busy to notice them.

      Play the music that stirs your soul and sing loudly and proudly, dance in the wind, sing in the shower - find joy in the little things.

      Have a wonderful weekend and I thank you for visiting The Musings of My Heart - a heart that will relish springtime and the waking world.

      Love and hugs,

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