Saturday, August 24, 2013


Good afternoon from a grey grey day in my fair City - but it has meant that some laundry has dried and other things not so well.  I have not been to the shops today which is unusual for a Saturday but I wanted and needed a day at home.    

I have two lots of soup bubbling away in the slow cookers and they smell lovely - I really do enjoy the comfort foods that come with cold winter days.

We living in days that are challenging in so many ways - we are challenged physically by our health and sometimes left with a longing for the things we can no longer do.  Our emotions are challenged when we see our children struggle or our parents aging and we have to step in and help by encouragement and physical activity on their behalf.

Political situations, locally and globally challenge us and we are sore and sick at heart when we see the way the world is going and the way people are being treated in many parts of the world.

Overcoming these challenges can be a very difficult task but such a worthwhile one.  It is meaningful for us to take a stand for the things we believe in and help win through.   I remember my earlier years and the passion I had for anti war rallies, political demonstrations and protest functions - I took part in many of them - my passion hasn't waned but now I taken the writers stance and use the technology available to me by posting of emails to Members of Parliament and Government - I don't know if they are ever read, but gosh it makes me feel good to do it.

It is gratifying to stand up for what one believes even if it means standing alone - Do you stand up for the things you believe in and take action accordingly? 

I hope your weekend is a good one and that you enjoy whatever you do. Our younger daughter has just come home from the Football where here beloved Melbourne was defeated by Adelaide -(her Father's team) - she sat with the Melbourne Cheer Squad and enjoyed that.   She is a very faithful supporter and member of the Club and win or lose she stands with them and I love her for that passion.   Her Father and Sister are both Adelaide supporters and she boldly stands for Melbourne.  Despite her team being bottom of the League she is often heard singing:

"It's a grand old flag
It's a high flying flag
It's the emblem for me and for you
It's the emblem of the team we love
The team of the red and the blue 
Ev'ry heart beats true
For the red and the blue
And we sing this song to you
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
Keep your eye on the red and the blue!"

However you have spent your Saturday - I hope you have found joy in the little things and spent time with those you love - enjoy your sport and win or lose - be fair.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of my Heart - a heart that today is finding joy in being peacefully at home and listening to my new neighbours doing work on their home.

Love and hugs,

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