Monday, August 26, 2013


Welcome to Monday in my little corner of the world where the sky is cloudy one minute and clear the next, the sun shines and then it goes away- weather I think typical for almost springtime.  It has been a dry day today but quite chilly at times.

Monday, Monday, so good to me.    Listen to the Mamma's and the Poppas
singing their famous song from waaaaaay back.

It's been a quiet day but I have achieved much - not as much as I would have liked to have done - but there is always Ruby Tuesday tomorrow.

Arrangements are in hand to celebrate Father's Day for John and the girls are getting that organized. He is difficult to buy for so we have all been scratching our heads and trying to find something just right and I think we have come up with something.  The girls are working very hard at the moment with lots of pressure and Naomi has the added thing of study too.  

It will be lovely to get together and enjoy some easy warming winter comfort foods and mostly the joy of having everyone together.  It won't be a late night because it is Sunday and work will be calling their name early Monday morning and it will be back into the old routine.

The days are filled with news from all over the world of successful transplant surgery for some and the sad news that we lost another transplantee here in Australia late last week.    These people go into surgery with such grand hope and for many it works and at least those who don't make it have had the chance.

News like this rocks me to my core and leaves me ever thankful for my gifted life and for the wonderful man who signed the paperwork, spoke to his family and gave me the gift of life.  It really is important if it is your wish to be an organ and tissue donor that you sign on to the Organ Donor Register and most importantly that you have a deep and meaningful conversation with your family so that they can support you and make sure your wishes are carried out.

This diagram will give you a clear idea of just what organs can be donated - and tissue too.

Here in Australia you can nominate the organs you wish to donate or can merely sign the paper work which says any needed organ.

The Royal Adelaide Show will be starting soon and I shall be working there with Donate Life and those in Adelaide - come up and say Hello and introduce yourselves - I would like that very much.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a busy heart and a mind filled with so many joys.  Your joys and happy times bring joy to me and I have received photographs of thriving babies and and babies newly born, and I know there is much anticipation of holidays on the horizon and I share your joys.

Love and hugs,

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