Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Good Afternoon on Wonderful Wednesday - a day where in my little corner of the world the wind is blowing strongly, the rain is pouring down and the sky is grey - well that's one minute and the next the sun is shining and the sky is changing to a watery blue.   Spring is definitely in the air and the bulbs are flowering and the blossom petals are presenting a carpet at my feet.  One minute I am sure we have spring and the next we are back in the pewter greys of winter - I am certain Mother Nature cannot make her mind up quite yet as to what to do.

Spring is beautiful and we need lots of rain to make it special with flowers and blossoms and I am certain the daffodils are dancing a welcome routine.

 The Transplant Community is saddened by the loss of a lovely young woman who had a heart transplant but gained her angel wings yesterday - and I try to fill my mind with the positive thoughts that she had a few extra years due to her transplant and that they were happy and healthy years.  It is a tight knit community and everyone feels the loss of a member and it brings us all back to the thoughts of just how lucky we are and encourages us to fill out minds with positive thoughts.  Dance on the wind Lisa you will be greatly missed by many who called you friend.
We are very aware that we live on borrowed time and positive thoughts help us to make it through each day with a song in our hearts and gratitude in our souls for the gift of life.

I claim positive thoughts as I travel the journey of my life and I am pleased and proud for all those who journey with me and share the ups and downs of the journey for certainly, the joy is in the journey.

How are you travelling your journey today ?   Are you happy or are you blue?   Claiming positive thoughts will dispel the blues and miseries of life - it may not always go as we would like it to or as we had planned, but we have today and that's all we are promised.   Take today and look for the little things that bring a smile, remember to share a kind word or deed, make a phone call, send a message and be positive about your journey.  Share the little things in life with those who travel with you, be sure that those you love know that you love them.  

My words for 2013 are EMBRACE and CELEBRATE and I encourage you all to embrace your life and to celebrate it in every way possible.   Walk through the leaves, splash in puddles, sit in the sun, dig your toes in the sand and walk at the waters edge.  Breathe deeply of the salt sea air and be refreshed.   Walk by the River and watch as she speeds on her way singing.

Listen to the music that stirs your soul and sing loudly and long, laugh with children, smile at a stranger and feed your soul.

Enjoy Enya and her song  "How can I keep from Singing."

Thank you for visiting the Musings from my Heart - a heart a little saddened but with so much to be positive about  "how can I keep from singing.? "

Love and hugs to you all and peace and joy for your journey.

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