Thursday, August 15, 2013


Good Afternoon and welcome to Thankful Thursday - there is always something to be thankful for and Thankful Thursday, naturally follows wonderful Wednesday.   Wednesday was the day I received my life saving Liver Transplant and Thursday was the day that I woke from surgery and became aware of how very blessed and lucky I was.   I had survived the surgery and now was on the road to recovery.   Hence they are both special days and I get a weekly reminder of just how lucky I am.

Spring winds are blowing here but the sun is shining and it is quite chilly, but a beautiful day in so many ways.   I am blessed to have the support of friends doing some maintenance work for me today and the day is going very quickly.

Life for me is very sweet and I am thankful each day, but there are always for everyone of us, things that get in the way and cause us to stumble on our journey and I try to stumble through life gracefully and with good grace.
I am aware of the friendships I have and those who love me and care for me and are prepared to catch me lest I fall and to encourage me on my way.
I count my family and friends as very great blessings and it is lovely to laugh together and discuss things in detail.  It is good to hear the suggestions of others and to accept that they know better than me.

I am learning that when I stumble to make it part of the dance and get on with the next part of my day and my life.

I have met and become friends with many people since my transplant and since reaching out over the Internet and I am thankful for both of these experiences in my life.  My life is richer and sweeter and I am blessed because of both.

I hope whatever you are doing today brings you joy and that you meet many friends along the way.  Strangers are friends we just haven't met yet.

I noticed this morning that the birds are singing louder and earlier and the sun was up earlier too.    My late afternoon is now extended because of the changing of the seasons and both the plants and weeds are thriving because of the spring rains, which I am assured will bring beautiful flowers.

Sharing a picture of my favourite flower with you in the hope that the sunshine of these daffodils brings some sunshine to your day.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing - if you stumble make is part of your dance and enjoy the love and laughter, flowers and stars that surround you and fill your sky.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a heart today that is filled with the wonder of love and friendship and the changing of the seasons.

Love and hugs,

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