Friday, August 16, 2013


Good Afternoon and welcome to a wet, windy and very wintry afternoon in my little corner of the world.   The entire State has been under a sever weather warning for damaging winds and hail for over 12 hours and remains thus.  Such a different day to yesterday when the sun shone and the sky was blue.

We are blessed with a pewter coloured sky today that is full of heavy clouds holding much rain.  It is certainly an inside day and a day that calls for comfort foods and my slow cooker is seeing active service again with another big pot of soup.

There are lots of puddles about and when I checked my letter box I just couldn't resist splashing in those in the drive way and I could hear my new neighbours laughing from their front porch.

Waiting for the storm to pass is going to take a while here from the forecast - we have rain forecast every day until next Thursday and whilst the weather is like winter - it is also spring like because of the way it is so changeable.
I have a raincoat, an umbrella and a car so it isn't going to affect me too much.

It's funny how the weather affects us in so many ways - the grey skies often make people feel miserable - but I am very much a winter person and like to snuggle up warm and cosy with a book.

It is a Fabulous Friday - each Friday is as I make my journey through life - "
"some days are diamonds and some days are stone."

Please enjoy John Denver singing Some Days are Diamonds. Just click on the link above.   

Following Fabulous Friday comes the weekend and I know how much those of you who go to business, school and factory long for these two special days for rest and recreation.  Two days of less routine, two days with those you care about, two days to go visiting friends and family or just to kick off your shoes and take some time for yourself.   I hope you can find some special time over this coming weekend to sit and talk, read, have coffee with friends, do some shopping.    To those who keep "the home fires burning" - I hope you enjoy having your loved ones around you and that it is indeed as special time.

Summer is drawing to a close in the northern hemisphere so those of you who live there - please make the best of these last few weeks and enjoy splashing in the pool, sitting in the shade with long cool drinks and feeling the warmth of the sun because soon enough the chilly winds will blow.  Cram as much as you can into your weekend now that your children are back at School after the summer break.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - again a heart filled with wonder at the many special things that have happened to me.   I am not a victim I am a survivor and I will not be defined by the things that have happened to me.   I am me, alive and well and loving life.  I am determined to be present to each moment of my life and hope that I can encourage you to be present to each moment of yours.    Don't miss a thing - enjoy it all.

Love and hugs,

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