Saturday, August 17, 2013


Welcome to a very wintry Saturday morning here in my little corner of the world where the sky is pewter grey and full of rain which is keeps constantly pouring down, the wind is strong and there is hail and it is very chilly.

I will not be venturing very far from home today  - I am going to enjoy a day filled with warmth, comfort foods and easy going sorts of things  ~  some writing, some beading, maybe a movie.   I am at home both literally in my house and emotionally I am at home with myself.

Indeed I will maintain the smile that reminds me of summer days, will listen to cheery music and will have my own little piece of summer with me on this winter day.

How will you spend your day ?   Do you have lots to do  ?  Are you rushing and bustling ?  Are you tired and cranky  ? 

Why not slow down and drink deeply of the beauty all around you, the comfort of family and friends, the joy of music that moves you to tears. 
Slow down and listen to those around you - hear what they have to say and spend time with them.

If you have little ones - why not read a story, bake a cake or walk in the garden, at the beach or even in the rain.   Let them see your joy and that you too like splashing in puddles, and it's okay to take time to do these things.  They are important things in the big picture - they nurture our souls and bring calm to our frazzled souls.

Leave your Office, Classroom, Factory behind you - this is the weekend - this is time for YOU .   Time when you can find yourself again, let go of the anxiety that tenses you and makes you ache,  put aside that project from work - it will wait until Monday.   The books will balance on Monday, the meetings will happen and you will go back refreshed and restored.

Take a long deep bubble bath and drift away - it is not selfish to nurture yourself - it is very important.   Particularly if you are entrusted with the role of caring for others - you must learn to care for yourself.   Indulge in comfort food - a pizza for dinner perhaps - something you enjoy.  Find a comfortable chair and read for a while. 

I hope this turns out to be a wonderful satisfying Saturday for you and that at the end of the day you will be relaxed and refreshed and able to enjoy a sweet and peaceful sleep.

Be happy - be relaxed and live this and each day to the full - CARPE DIEM,

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a calm heart this morning and one filled with the hope that I can do exactly these things and rest and restore and nurture myself on this winter Saturday.    I hope I have been a little piece of summer on your winter day.

Love and hugs,

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