Thursday, August 29, 2013


Thankful Thursday once again and it is a very different day from yesterday when it was sunny and warm.    Today is wet, cold and windy with thunder and lightening.

It has been a good day and it was a day with a good start and with a positive attitude.

Life can be grey and dreary and the only one who can change how things are going is YOU.  You are responsible for your attitude to everything and being positive is a state of mind.   Being positive is good for our health - worries and stresses can pull us down.

A positive start to a day can come if instead of rushing out of bed you just stay there for a few moments and think of all that you have to be thankful for and how blessed your life is.

Be positive about your life, your health, your family and how you spend your days.   Of course there are going to be worries and cares that are not easy to move, but those good things are still there in spite of the fact that you may be looking for a job, have problems with a child's behaviour, coping with elderly and frail parents, looking for new direction etc.

The good times should buoy you along - a holiday, a day off work, a meal you didn't have to cook, coffee brought to you when you come home, a movie with friends - all of these things should bring you joy and carry you on your journey.

Take care on your journey - life is a journey and not a destination and truly the joy is in the journey.    Friends along the way make it extra special.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart and for sharing my journey with me - each day is a thrill and pleasure.

Love and hugs,

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