Thursday, September 19, 2013


Good Morning and welcome to Thankful Thursday in my little corner of the world where the sun is shining and a chilly wind is blowing - Mother Nature at her finest wearing her spring dress and showing her fickle mood.
The sky is blue with lots of big white fluffy clouds but at least the day is dry after all the rain we have had.

On Thankful Thursday I am thankful for so very many things - I am thankful for all kinds of people I encounter in my life - those who love me unconditionally even when I am unlovable because that's when I need them most.   Those who physically do things for me and check in on me. those who listen to my  political rants and those who encourage me and understand my passion for many things.

Yes, there are two kinds of people  - YOU and everyone else - and I am happy to be part of a world which, although in turmoil and anger, is still a very beautiful place.

As you walk the path of your journey today - find joy in the little things, see beauty all around you - in the bird's song, the new leaves on a plant, rays of sunlight peeping through trees, the waves on the shore, the reeds by the river and oh so many more things.    Find joy in the people around you - share your smile or your concern for people, open a door for someone, lift a parcel, stand aside and let someone pass - all little things, but so so important and ones that will make someones day easier.

Make a phone call, send an email, call in for a visit and coffee with someone, visit a friend in hospital - all things which can bring much joy to those who are perhaps feeling isolated.

The joy really is in the journey and I wish you a lovely days travelling and sweet and beautiful encounters on your way.   Be present to each moment and enjoy the little things. 

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart and taking part of my journey with me - it is a lovely journey with friends along the way.

Love and hugs,

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