Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Good afternoon and welcome to my little corner of the world where the sun is shining, the birds are singing and white fully clouds are blowing around my blue sky.   Such different weather than during the night when it howled and blew and the rain kept bucketing down.   I guess it is getting to be like Camelot where the autumn leaves fall into neat little piles and it only rains at nighttime.

A warm day on top of all that rain = weeds growing in wild profusion and the lawns are growing so fast that you can almost see them grow.  It seems that the rain is localized and not everyone is getting it.   My little family on the farm (200 kms from Adelaide) are still kicking up dust and very dry.   Melinda drove home through horrendous hail and rain, only to kick up dust as they entered the farm gate.  Her journey from Adelaide had been very difficult to see the lines on the road and to keep the wipers up with the rain.

Lots of rain takes my thoughts to Colorado, USA where they have had rain, in what they describe as "Biblical proportions" and there has been much damage and loss of life.   My love and prayers is with them.

I took the advantage of the winds blowing to do my laundry and get it pegged out and it is drying in the lovely sunshine and wind, although we did have a shower earlier.  I am grateful to days like this to dry the clothes and I am learning to laugh at myself and it is so liberating.
Change of Government here has many people very unhappy - but their term is only three years and we will probably have another change then - so folks don't get used to anything - it will change soon enough.

I have been listening to music this morning and I am grateful for my hearing and the beautiful music I have access to - it is very soothing and comforting.  I often listen to music at night when sleep is not my companion and find it restful.  I would dearly have loved to play the piano but it's too late now but there are other things I can do and I can enjoy the talents of others.

This is just an ordinary day - a beautiful beautiful ordinary day and there were times when I ached for these, prayed for them, pleaded for them and cried for them - and now they are mine and I enjoy them.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing - I wish for you an extraordinary day with beautiful things happening, flowers on your pathway and diamonds in your sky.   Be present to the moment and enjoy every step of your journey - the joy is in the journey.

Put aside your troubles for a little while and let the winds blow the dust of care from your shoulders and be at peace.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a thankful and peaceful heart.

Love and hugs,

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