Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Good Afternoon - welcome to Ruby Tuesday in my City where the sun has shone for most of the day and the air has been warm and pleasant.
We did have cloud this afternoon and I think that kept the temperature down for us.   However by the end of the week we can expect a return to winter with rain and cold temperatures.   Mother Nature is indeed fickle.

I spent the morning pulling weeds from my front garden and felt the pain of bending for most of the afternoon, but there is certainly an improvement.    A friend helped me and it is always easier when there are two of you and you can talk as you work.

I love flowers and pretty gardens, but must confess that gardening is not my favourite pastime, but I am left with a feeling of satisfaction for a job well done and the green waste bin was filled very quickly.

Most of our spring flowers have finished now, but the blossoms and daffodils were beautiful and for a few short weeks the streets were lined with pink blossoming trees.

It has been a nice day - but a day when I will be glad to climb into bed and read for a while and then hopefully off to sleep.   I did think of a nap this afternoon but decided against it in the hope that I shall slip into the arms of Morpheus tonight and sleep well.

The weeks are moving along quite quickly and we are now approaching the time of the Royal Adelaide Show - 9 days of bringing the farm to the city - of rides, exhibitions, samples and crowds who gather to spend lots of money, become very tired and usually watch a fireworks display in the evening.

There will be events such as cow judging, wood chopping, Show Jumping and displays with sheep, cattle, pigs and goats.  Handicrafts are displayed and it is quite the celebration.  I shall be working on two days for Donate Life, spreading the word about organ donation.

I know that many of you have busy lives and only get to dream occasionally - but please dream dreams and dream big and then go confidently in the direction of your dreams and make them come true.

To those off on holidays - Bon Voyage, Happy Trails and be safe - but mostly enjoy the scenes, smells, and sights of new cities.   Enjoy your flights and get lots of rest during the flight so that you have energy for sightseeing.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart and I wish you sweet and peaceful dreams when your night time comes.

Love and hugs,

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