Monday, September 2, 2013


Welcome to the second of September, the second day of Spring in Australia and New Zealand and Mother Nature has really turned on a beautiful day for today ~  it is warm with clear blue skies and gentle breezes and my laundry is dry and smelling sweetly of the sun.

A busy family weekend has left me feeling tired today, but how blessed I am to be able to take things slowly and quietly and to enjoy the day.

It was lovely to see my family together and to hear the laughter and discussion and to enjoy the pleasure they take in celebrating with their Dad on Fathers Day.   There was much cooking and many dishes to be done but all so worthwhile.

My television interview for Donate Life went well and this is the YouTube Clip for that - watch and enjoy.   Please remember to Discuss, Decide and Donate and make sure that you are signed up on the Organ Donor Register in your State.

If you live in Australia - this is the link to sign on to the Register - in turn you will receive a card for your purse or wallet indicating that it is your express wish to become an organ donor.

Please have this discussion with your family and loved ones so that they too know your wishes and can be sure to carry them out.

I know I live on borrowed time and it is thanks to a wonderful man who made the decision to donate his organs, discussed it with his family that I became the very lucky and grateful recipient of his liver.    This is why 

I choose to feel blessed
I choose to feel grateful 
I choose to be excited
I choose to be thankful 
I choose to be happy

It is also why my words for 2013 are EMBRACE and CELEBRATE - I choose to do both of these things and I embrace my life with its challenges and I celebrate it in whatever way I can.  I accept the challenges set before me and have stepped out of my comfort zone recently.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a heart that is filled with awareness and gratitude for every day of my beautiful and gifted life.

Love and hugs,

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