Sunday, March 16, 2014


It is really lovely to be able to access my blog again and be in touch with you all and to share the ups and downs of my crazy, ordinary life.

Christmas has come and gone again and I celebrated with my family and friends and decorated with joy and colour and enjoyed every moment of it.

Christmas always holds such great joy for me and this year I received a beautiful gift - An "Elf on the Shelf" who has been named
Josephine Antonia and who will visit you all in this blog when the Festive Season comes around again - and there are only 283 days to go until Christmas.

I shall be delighted to share the antics of this Elf with you all. 

Summer has left our shores and I breathe a sigh of relief because it was a very hot one this year and many long standing records were broken with many days of extreme heat..  It is a delight to feel cool breezes and to have the days drawing in and the evenings being cool and cosy.  While we in the Land Down Under have sweltered with a blistering heat it has been interesting to watch with concern the extremes of cold those of you in the northern hemisphere have experienced.

Life is going along quite nicely and is very sweet - getting over a bump in the road with an infection that is proving difficult to beat and also a reaction to the reduction of one of my medications.    But that's all it is - a bump in the road and I shall hopefully be over it very soon.

My family is well and all busy doing many and varied things - my younger daughter has a lot of travelling to do for her job in March/April and that keeps her busy.

I have made new on line friends and find that many have similar life styles to me and it is good to exchange messages often.

I have joined the ranks of those with an iPad and am really enjoying it - I love the technology that keeps me in touch with the world.   It is rather like a Global Village really and it is great to touch base. 

Enjoy your Sunday and find joy in the little things - be sure to be present to the moment and to slow down and just breathe deeply and quietly and to find your peace.

Love and hugs,


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