Monday, March 17, 2014


Good Morning and welcome to my Monday morning and the start of another week.    To those who celebrate St. Patrick's Day - I wish you a wonderful day, a time of memories and pleasure.

What started off as a grey and rainy day in my little corner of the world has turned into a cool, but sunny day with a gentle breeze blowing.  Our days are getting shorter as we are now into Autumn - my favourite time of year - "Season of mist and mellow fruitfulness."

The cooler days are so refreshing after what for us was a summer of blistering heat.

My week stretches before me with some appointments and it is strange how they all fall on the one day - but life is sweet and pleasant and will be even more so when I am completely well again.

The house next door to me was recently sold and the new family are doing renovations and it is going to be lovely when finished and for me it is lovely to hear the sound of people getting on with their lives and the laughter and tears of small visiting children.

Our world seems a little out of control and my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the passengers on Malaysia Airlines flight 370 which just seems to have vanished without trace - the anguish and pain they must be feeling.   It must be very distressing to not know what has happened.   It seems we can trace most things these days but are having great trouble finding a plane.  It is good to see so many countries joining in the search both in the air and on the sea and I hope that there is soon some results and families can find peace.

We have had Elections in two States of Australia this last weekend (The Ides of March - not a day I would have chosen for an election) and there are many who are happy with the results and many who are less than happy.   We appear to have a Hung Parliament in South Australia but the next few days will see what results postal and absentee votes bring forth.    I enjoy the banter and campaigning that goes with Elections and have followed quite closely and am keen to see just how things turn out.

I hope that wherever you are in this beautiful world that you can find joy in the little things around you.   I am looking forward to the turning of the leaves and the crisp cool winds of Autumn and enjoying the laughter and love of friends and family.    Be present to each moment and enjoy your work and your leisure.  Celebrate the laughter of the children in your life - spend time with them - cook, read stories and just celebrate life.

I wish you a peaceful and happy Monday and a calm and happy week.

Love and hugs,

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