Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Good Afternoon on this bright and shiny Ruby Tuesday and I hope that you are able to find gems and jewels in your day.  We have blue sky and soft white clouds and a cool breeze - a perfect autumn day - a busy one for me with appointments and then a Pizza night with family.  

I have been to the hairdresser this morning and have new streaks in my hair - pink and blonde.

This afternoon will see me at the Doctor for my Flu shot - and I put out this reminder to those in the Southern Hemisphere that your shot is due as apparently the strain of flu this year is particularly nasty and you need to protect yourself as best you can.  

I am looking forward to seeing my "Tribe" together as those times are very special and often quite difficult to arrange with everyone's busy work schedules and this time is "just for" - just for the pleasure of being together.

It is so important that we be present to the moment and share with and care for those we love - tell them you love them, share laughter and fun times.  I hope to hear news of their adventures and exciting lives, any problems they have and to laugh with them as we share a very easy meal ( no cooking and no cleaning up - sounds great to me.

I miss the busy days when they were all at School and my weeks and weekends were full of transporting them to sport and music, I miss them coming home for dinner and homework books spread all over the place and the washing machine buzzing filled with uniforms - but when I look at the responsible young adults they have become I am proud.   I am proud of the fact that they all hold down very responsible jobs and are great citizens.

Thank you for visiting the Musings from my Heart and I send love and care to you all - seize the day and be present to every moment.

Love and hugs,


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