Sunday, March 23, 2014


Good afternoon and welcome to Sunday afternoon in Adelaide where it is quiet, cool and peaceful.  The whole weekend has been peaceful - of course there have been the usual weekend noises of lawn mowing, dogs barking and children playing - but they have been part of the peace and normality of daily suburban life.

I contributed to the noise of lawn mowers yesterday when my lawns were trimmed and now look very neat and tidy - thank you to a very dear friend for putting energy and effort in on my behalf.   

Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles and this weekend I have noticed many of them.    The joy of the full autumn flush of roses in my front garden, a beautiful ladybug on a leaf, beautiful music and many other beautiful things around me.

I have not been unaware of the pain around me too - a sweet and dear Facebook friend died in her sleep on Friday morning and I shall miss her positive and caring input to my days   

Fly free Kimberlie and rest easy you will be missed.

Several others have opened their hearts and thoughts to me this weekend and I hope that I have been able to say the words they needed to hear and bring some measure of calm and tranquility to their hurting hearts.

I have shared excitement and happy times too - new of a new car for a friend and a much enjoyed Baseball game for two very special people.

Politics is settling down in my State and life goes on but I would ask you and encourage you to look for the tiny miracles around you - they will brighten your day, ease your heart and bring you joy and comfort.

My weekend has been a time of rest - working on getting these knees back into working order and I have watched some television and done lots of reading, some cooking and laundry - just the ordinary every day things that we so often take for granted.

I have shared the joy of an early spring day for friends and a walk on the beach much enjoyed by them and the dog, heard the news of renovations for  a much loved cottage by the sea and the fact that spring bulbs are peeking through.    The excitement and pleasure of dining out and sporting victories for some.

Life can indeed be full of big and important things and they can be very difficult to handle and understand but be present to each moment and find joy in the little things.

To those of you who are unwell and struggling to cope with health issues - my love and care goes out to you and I hope that better days are on your horizon.

Just had a phone call from my daughter from Sydney airport - excited about the Baseball and heading home with a head full of happy times.  

Take care of yourselves and thank you for visiting the Musings of my Heart.

Love and hugs

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