Thursday, March 20, 2014


Good afternoon and welcome to Thankful Thursday afternoon in my little corner of the world where summer is gracing us with what I suspect may well be the last kiss of a warm day for this summer.  The sky is blue and there are no clouds and a gentle breeze is blowing and I am sharing with you photographs of some roses on my favourite bush.

The rose is named "Eiffel Tower and has a very sweet and strong fragrance and the colour brings pure joy to me

This rose is outside my bedroom window and on warm nights when the window is open and the breeze blowing in the right direction I can smell the fragrance from my bed.

Personally I shall not be sorry to say goodbye to the "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer" and to be wrapped in Autumn's red and gold blanket.   I shall not be sorry to head into winter either because while it is cold we do not suffer the icy winds and snow storms those of you in the northern hemisphere suffer.   So I am glad to hand over spring and summer to you folk with the hope that you enjoy every moment of Spring's awakening and the warmth of your summer days.

May your spring days and your gardens be filled with beautiful blooms such as these:

and may there be a song in your heart and a smile on your face.

Life goes on and I give thanks daily that I am alive and able to see the changing of the seasons and to find joy in the little things.

There are often bumps in our pathway and things that we have to overcome and go through.  I am monitored regularly and have blood tests and clinic  visits every three months and at other times during the year there are scans to be done.  Most transplant friends go through these tests and examinations and although we do it with ease, we can often become unsettled and anxious at these times.   It is a great honour to be able to support those who are anxious when it is their turn and in reply to receive loving support when test time comes for me.

If you are going through a time of tests, then please know that my love, care and support is with you and how grateful I am to have your support when it is my turn.

I have a friend - Suzanne who is today going through her last treatment of Chemo Therapy for her breast cancer treatment and who will now have 8 weeks away from home and living in a hotel away from family for radiotherapy.

I am here Suzanne cheering you on and encouraging you to keep on being brave as you have been right through this ghastly ordeal.

Be kind and encouraging no matter where you are or who you meet - everyone of us is carrying a burden of some kind.  Be kind and gentle to those who appear ungrateful and love those who appear unlovable because that's when the need it most of all.

I hope that Thursday is a good day for you all - no matter if you are almost through the day or yet to start it.  I hope that you can find time to smell the roses, take time to be present to each moment and to be supportive to all who need you.    Smile at a stranger - it may be the only contact he has during his day.   

I have new neighbours who have a very young Grandson who has become my shining light - he calls out to me and waves his little hands off each time he sees me and these are very special moments that I enjoy very much being present to.

Walk with a child, read a book together, make cookies or just splash in puddles - these things will brighten your day and make lovely memories for you.

Thank you for visiting the Musings from my Heart and I wish you peace and plenty, love and laughter and health and happiness.

Love and hugs,

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