Monday, January 26, 2015


Good Afternoon from Adelaide, where today has been cool and cloudy and generally very quiet because it has been a Holiday for Australia Day and I have taken the day very quietly and certainly not achieved as much as I would have like to.

So..... I am telling myself gently that I did the best I could today and that there is another day tomorrow.

I didn't have any rigid plans, but I did stay in bed later than I normally do and I think that got me off on the wrong foot and I was chasing my tail for most of the day.   

I did manage a visit to the Pharmacy for some medication and a trip to Baker's Delight for some lovely bread and scones and I caught up on some internet things, but I certainly didn't push myself as hard as I normally do - it was after all, a holiday  :) 

Our weather is deliciously cool and very mild for this time of year and this suits my Farm Family as they are shearing today and tomorrow and that is very hot work.

There is an Australia Day march through Adelaide late this afternoon, finishing at Elder Park on the banks of the Torrens and during the evening there will be a concert and fireworks display to celebrate Australia Day. 

These pictures are of Elder Park where the celebrations will be this evening - a pretty park by the River and especially pretty at night.

I will be able to hear the fireworks from my home and it will bring a special day to a close.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a proud and happy heart today.
I am English by birth and Australian by choice and happy to be part of the celebrations.

Love and hugs,

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Margee said...

Hi Linda, very interesting about your holiday. We are bracing for a winter storm here. Hope you have a great day.