Sunday, January 25, 2015


Good Morning on Sunday Morning from the Fair City of Adelaide, where, in my little corner of the world it is peaceful and calm.   The sky is silver grey with patches of blue and some fluffy white clouds.  A cool and refreshing summer breeze is blowing and somewhere in the distance I can hear the sounds of a lawn mower and children playing.

I spotted a spider web on my gate this morning and was captivated by this wonder of nature - the skill, the patience and the design amazes me.  It must be hard work for this little spider working away.   There were no dew drops on this spider web but the potential is there and I will leave the web for as long as the spider needs it there.

Nature is wonderful and is all around us every day if only we will slow down in our tracks and see it - so very many things.     A new leaf bursting through on a plant (either indoor or outdoor), the constancy of growth and the pure joy of picking the fruits of the plants you have nurtured.

it is a delight to see raindrops on plants and to watch bees buzzing around and pollinating the lovely flowers and to find a tiny ladybird on a leaf and see a butterfly gently leaving the garden.

The shades of sunlight in the morning peeping through and the glorious long and golden rays of sunset thrill me.    Sitting in a garden and suddenly feeling a gentle cool breeze embrace me is magic.

Nature is all around you and will nurture and nourish you if you will only notice it.    Find the small things around you and enjoy them.   Feel the velvet petal of a rose and smell the glorious fragrances which float through the garden

Accept with great thanks a posy of "flowers" which are actually weeds, brought to you in a chubby little hand - see only the beauty and not the pest that those weeds can be.

Accept the changing of the seasons with good grace and enjoy them - the daffodils in spring time standing tall and strong against the chill winds that blow, the heat haze of summer, beautiful autumn leaves and winter with it's snow flakes and cold winds - all beautiful in their own way.

I hope that wherever you are today, no matter the season, you are able to find some joy in nature and allow it to nurture and nourish your soul.  Go for a walk in the snow and listen to the crunch beneath your feet.    If summer time is with you, get a cold drink and sit in the shade with a book and enjoy the anticipation of the changing of the shadows as the seasons change.  Listen to the rain as it gurgles its way along on its journey and splash in puddles.

Visit nature and allow it to nurture and nourish you on this January day.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a heart today thrilled by the wonder of it all and at peace.

Love and hugs,

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Margee said...

Dear Linda,
I love to grow things, especially perrenials. I love flowers! I have started a "tranquility garden" so I can smell the lavender. The butterflies love their butterfly bushes, the bees are hard at work pollinating. The hummingbirds on their feeders. Ah, I am walking on crunchy snow here. The garden is dormant. I' get excited when I see new growth. Thanks for the post, I loved it. Hope you have a great day🌷🌺🌻