Friday, January 23, 2015


It is the end of the summer holidays in Australia and today is the last official day off School (although Monday is a public holiday) and South Australian School children return to the classrooms on Tuesday, after a break of six weeks.

There will be some happy hearts and some heavy hearts at the thought of getting back into routine again.    I know Grace and Henry are looking forward to getting back to school and the routine that it brings.

How well I remember the chaos of those days leading up to "the day" - finding uniforms casually tossed aside at the end of the year.     Getting things ready, - marking names on clothing, pencils, pencil cases, books and lunch boxes etc. 
The excitement of a new lunch box, new pencil case and new school bag.   The stress of trying to get back into early nights after long and lazy summer days - late to bed and late to rise.

There are those other important things bearing in mind that we are in the middle of an Australian summer and our hottest days can be in February - remember the sunblock, sunglasses and of course the hats. 

I think of little hearts beating a little faster at the thought of a new teacher of  the comfort of knowing the teacher they will be having.   This can be a very stressful time for the whole family but it is a good thing to get back into some sort of routine.   

It is a good thing for children and parents too - routine is important and a helpful discipline.    Mothers all over Australia will be pondering over what to pack for lunches and trying to find something interesting and tempting.  The whole family gets back onto schedule - notices out of bags when the kids get home, washing straight to the laundry, sports gear ready for the event.

Conversation around dinner tables on Tuesday evening will be interesting as the new friends, new teachers and new subjects are discussed and little eyes shine brightly as they get ready for another year.

If you have little ones to get ready for School - I hope you are able to make it a fun time and there is no real stress for any of you.

These are important days - so much to do and so much to learn and their whole future really depends on the support they get as they struggle or achieve.   There is learning for parents too - learning to let go a little more - to be supportive and yet to let them go.     

I hope you are able to give them roots to ground them and wings that they may fly and that they do fly free and enjoy their school days.

Wherever you are - I hope your kids feel safe as they go to School and that you feel safe entrusting them to the care of the Education system ~  because I know very well there is no one who can care for them like we do, no one can understand them like we do.    Sending them off to School can be difficult and I never found it easy, although they were more than ready to go.   For those of you sending little ones off for the first time be proud of them and be proud of yourselves that you have brought them to this stage of their lives. If you have a teary little one - be strong and try not to cry yourself at least until you are out of sight.

My thoughts are with all Teachers as they prepare their lesson plans, excursions and ways to teach our little ones - a difficult job and one well done by so many.
It is certainly a job that would require absolute dedication and takes long hours - thank you to our Teachers.   

Off you go kids - learn, excel, enjoy and have happy School days.

Thinking of you with affection and thanking you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - today a heart filled with "Back to School" Memories.

Love and hugs,

Some lunch box ideas here at this link.  

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Margee said...

Dear Linda, how interesting. That your hottest month is February. Here in the US our hottest month is probably July. The point you made about no one can care for them like we do, has my daughter homeschooling her children. It's working out well.
Have a great day.
❤️ Margee