Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Good afternoon on this crazy mixed up weather day - it was very cool and rainy this morning and this afternoon the sun is shining and it is very warm.  It wasn't much rain - just enough to share that lovely rain on warm ground smell.

Are you a list maker ?   Do you make shopping lists and  to do lists   ?

I am the Queen of list makers - I make them on pieces of paper but my 
pièce de résistance is the book I keep - an A4 Journal in which I document phone calls I make, details of orders I place and where I document the date and the persons name to whom I speak.

My shopping list is not always successful -there are times when I go to the Supermarket and get all the things I need without a list and then other times when I take a list and still come home without things.   

Of course, Christmas time is a time of numerous lists which I keep in yet another A4 Christmas Journal - there are gift lists, things to do, things to make, seating arrangements for meals, and a special place for "good ideas" for next year.   I always review this after the event and delete things that didn't work well and get ready for the coming Christmas.

I could do all of this on my phone, on my computer or on my iPad, but I am a "paper person" and love all forms of stationery and have to have it down on paper.

Even if I don't take lists with me it helps me keep my mind organized and in compartments and the paper touch and feel and of course smell delights me.

We are all different and I think this A4 Journal goes back to the days when the kids were young and I was phone call messenger and would record who rang and when in a Family Diary which sat on the dining table.

The family diary really worked well - each year an A4 diary was purchased and everyone was encouraged to write upcoming events they were attending, if they were going to be late home, school events, University events and dates.  My last chore each evening was to go through the Diary and make plans for my coming day - it it wasn't in the diary then sometimes it didn't happen.
It was a good discipline for all of us and taught the kids the responsibility of being accountable for their appointments and events.     We recorded Doctor/Dentist/School and social events - I miss the Diary but it is pleasing to see them making their own lives and being organized very well.

These things are on my daily list - 

Count my Blessings - and there are many 
Practice kindness - it is always possible to be kind
Let go - somethings I am still learning
Listen to my heart - I keep in close touch with my heart.
Be productive - this doesn't always happen
Just breathe - always

I would add remember to smile and to encourage those who cross your path.

Thank you for visiting the Musings from my Heart and reading through the list makers list.

Love and hugs,

Queen of the List Makers

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Margee said...

Dear Linda, I am a list maker too! I am like you, lists for everything! Thanks for sharing.
Love, margee❤️