Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Good afternoon on Ruby Tuesday from a City where the sun is hiding behind clouds but the temperature is warm and dry.    Adelaide is a busy City this week as it plays host to the Tour Down Under and has visitors and competitors from all over the world.      Today the cyclists will travel through the area which was devastated and ravaged two weeks ago by a dreadful bushfire.   I am certain that many of the visitors and competitors will be shocked to see the damage that has been done.   At least this year for the start of the Race the temperatures are moderate and not a blistering heat.    I saw an interview from the township of Tanunda and the reporter was getting wet with big raindrops.

Australia is very busy with summer sports and Melbourne is abuzz with the Australian Open Tennis Championships and there is cricket aplenty - all of this to be viewed live and in person or by the wonders of modern technology.

All of these sports competitors have worked hard, trained hard and lived and hoped for success for many years and not given up - and whether it is in sport or life in general, giving up for me is not an option.

Sport challenges, employment challenges and life challenges in general give us the option to go on, persist with determination or to give up.

There are times when life itself issues challenges more and bigger than we could ever have imagined and this happened to me with my health.   There were times when it would have been so easy to give up and give in, but with the support of family and friends I kept going and did not give up.  The challenges were deep and difficult but I persisted with hope and rose to the challenge and here I am - alive and well.       There were days when I lingered in intensive care and drifted in and out when it would have been sooooooo easy to lose interest and give up.     I did not give up and this quote at the top of the page is exactly what I feel  "nowhere in my text will it ever read  "I gave up"

There were weeks in hospital, and long weeks at home afterwards when I lost all my toe nails and finger nails, but I was home, alive and well.  It was difficult, but it was not a path I walked alone - I had and still have the valued support of family and friends and the careful and prayerful support of a large internet community.

There were times when the little things became such an achievement - the first time I stood to get dressed instead of sitting on the edge of the bed.  The first time I drove after eight months ( I had someone beside me in case I couldn't do it - thank you John.)    The first time I actually walked the aisles of the supermarket and did my shopping.   Again - someone with me to help carry and lift.   I did not and will not give up - but I clearly acknowledge my support team and the invaluable support they gave me.

I hope that you are able to keep going, to find love and support as you struggle and to gain strength each day - it really is worth while.

No matter where your path in life is taking you, find support and encouragement and keep on going, keep on hoping and never ever give up.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a hopeful and thankful heart today as I recall that I did not give up - I kept on going.

Be brave and be strong and keep on keeping on.

Love and hugs, 

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Margee said...

Hi Linda, I am part of several Livér support pages. One of them our motto is "Not Without a Fight!". No we'll never give up either. Great post, thanks for sharing your life with us.