Sunday, January 11, 2015

HAPPINESS IS ...........

Good afternoon from Adelaide where the sky is grey and the atmosphere warm.  We are promised rain tomorrow and Tuesday but I am certain the heat will be back again soon.

It is a quiet and peaceful Sunday - not even neighbours are mowing lawns, so it is very quiet and very lovely.  I read the quote above and thought how very true !
Remember buttering your toast and spreading the jam right to the edges and then of course having to lick your fingers ?  

I hope that you are able to lick your fingers and enjoy the happiness that has spread right through your day.  Indeed,  I hope that the happiness sticks to your fingers and accompanies you wherever you go.

Be sure to share with those you meet along your way.

It seems so long ago since Christmas and New Year - my family is almost all home now and settling back into the work routine  - and for some of them it is a nice feeling - the security of a routine and organized life.   Others are not quite so convinced about it.

Soon the seasons will be changing and we will be approaching another special Holiday time - Easter  (much to my chagrin there are Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns in the shops already !! )  

The joy of anticipation is a wonderful thing - I recall as a child just how long it seemed from Christmas to Christmas and how exciting it was to look forward to a birthday or school holidays.    May you never lose your sense of wonder or anticipation and always keep hope on your horizon.    I always look forward to when the days get shorter and the shadows longer and suddenly there is an autumn chill in the late afternoon air.   

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - remember to lick your fingers and be happy.

Love and hugs,

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