Saturday, January 10, 2015


Good morning from a grey and cool city of Adelaide, where the sky is pewter grey and heavy with rain - but it is again deliciously cool and pleasant.  We have just had yet another heavy shower of rain and it is lovely to hear the water running into tanks.

I did my shopping yesterday which means that the whole of Saturday looms before me and it is my  "time"  - how to spend that time is the question.  When I finish here my first task will be to do my medication for the next two weeks.
It is something which has to be done and now that I have topped up my supplies from the Pharmacy, I can get it done for the coming weeks.
As I do this, I use the time to think about my life, my time and my Donor.
I spend time thinking of my Donor's family and giving thanks for the unselfish gift that have given me the last five years of my life in good health.  The medication becomes part of life's routine and I am thankful for it.  I don't like doing it - but I am thankful for it.

I intend to use the day to make soup (ham bone is in cooking already) - with the weather a bit chilly I feel like some soup and what we don't use, will freeze for days ahead.

My printer has the facility to be WiFi and I hope to work on that today so that I will be able to print from my iPad - I love the technology that allows me to do this and to learn more and more each day.    I cherish the technology which allows me to have contact with friends overseas and interstate.  Messenger programs/social media and email all keep me in touch with those I love and cherish.   Of course there is the good old faithful telephone - haven't we come a long long way since Alexander Graham Bell made that first call in 1876 marking his invention.    Now, so many of us carry our own personal phone with us and are not out of touch at all.    Our phones have become so much more than phones - camera, computer, calculator and don't forget those "apps" which give us access to weather, sport results, and of course Google gives us access to the world.

Time is indeed priceless and I value every moment of every day and give thanks for the time I have and the celebrations with family.  I am trying to spend it wisely and to enjoy each day and be present to the moment.

That will take a good part of my day and as I work away I will listen to music - which feeds my soul.   I keep in touch with news and world affairs on line (refusing to purchase local newspapers which are full of advertising and often are politically biased.)   

There is always something to fill my days and I contented with my lot - I am blessed indeed and am glad to be back blogging and sharing my days with those who choose to read.

Next Thursday I am a taking care of Grace and Henry for a few hours and am really looking forward to that - I will have to find something fun to do with them.   They are easy children to care for - they amuse themselves and I value the privilege that it is to care for children.

How will you spend your time today  ?    Quietly  ?  Peacefully ? or are you in the middle of a whirl of excitement or travel ?   Are you off to work and under pressure at your job ?     However you spend your day - be present to the moment and share your smile with those you meet.   Say "Good Morning" to someone - you may well be their only human contact for the day and could bring joy to them.    Let your little light shine wherever you are.

In a world that is full of sadness and distress - I have decided that although I can't do very much at all globally - I can do something locally !   I can make my little corner of the world brighter and warmer for those I encounter each day.   I can be sure that those I love really know that I love them and that's just what I intend to do - I am going to let "my little light shine."

I have chosen my word for the year and the word is 


and I will embrace all that comes my way in 2015 with a thankful heart and an acceptance and I encourage you all to choose a word or phrase for the year and live by it - this is the fifth year I have chosen a word and among them have been HOPE, CELEBRATE and ATTITUDE. 

Have a wonderful Saturday and enjoy whatever you do - be safe if you are out and about - take that smile with you and don't forget to share it.

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