Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Good Afternoon - it has been a long time since I blogged and the seasons have come and gone.   When last I blogged it was Easter 2014 and here we are with Christmas 2014 gone and we are almost a week into the new year.

I hope that this "To Do" list challenges you and brings you peaceful and happy times during this near year.  

The days have been busy and happy with health being high on my list of priorities - so much has happened,    Winter has come and gone and here we are sweltering in the blistering heat of an Australian summer.  There is no real reason for me not blogging - I just didn't.   New year and new aspirations and hopes to blog daily and keep in touch with you all.   I hope I haven't lost too many followers along the way

There has been much travelling for my family and friends and the purchase of a new home for my younger daughter and her partner.  It was very exciting to share the celebration as they joined the Mortgage Set and to share their delight in their lovely home.

Children have grown and developed, grey hairs arrived for some, visits to Rheumatologist for others and pills to take - but all in all it is a great life.  I am blessed indeed to have a lovely home, food on my table, friends and family to spend time with and the bliss of spending time alone.  My life is rich indeed and I am part of the "geek" set with an iPad and I love the technology.

My favourite time of year came in a blur of friends, tinsel and twinkling lights, lovely meals and gifts both given and received.

Some Christmas pictures to share with you:

My gorgeous Elf on the Shelf - Josephine Antonia brought much joy to the Festive Season with her antics  - she is a climber and was often up the Christmas tree.

It was a wonderful family time and I have already started planning for Christmas 2015 - because after all it is only 50 weeks away. 

Thank you for visiting the Musings of my Heart and I wish you safety and love and laughter and many happy days.

Love and hugs,



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