Thursday, January 8, 2015


Good morning on Thursday morning with a Wednesday post.   I was unable to access my computer yesterday because of thunder storms, so here I am a day late.

Our fires continued to rage out of control but Mother Nature was kind and sent rain - much needed and much appreciated by everyone.

Even though we had storms - we still had heat and the weather became very steamy - and late in the evening we had hail - the world weather seems out of control, and hard to cope with.

The rain means that ash and fire retardants will wash into our local reservoir and now we must listen to the experts as to how dangerous this will be.

It is hard to trust and accept the guidance of Government at times - it is hard to live with the difficulties that no one really understands how to cope with.  BUT  trust we must and go on with hope in our hearts.

I love the quote at the head of this page - and there are days when I crawl, but I am still moving and that's a blessing and I am not giving up.

I hope that wherever you are in this beautiful world you are able to find some peaceful time and a peaceful spot to rest and recover from the stresses of daily living.

Be strong, be well, be happy and be present to the moment.   Find joy in the little things and let your little light shine.

Love and hugs to you all and thank you for visiting the Musings of My heart.

Take Care,

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