Thursday, January 15, 2015

THANKFUL THURSDAY - a day at home.

Good Afternoon - this day has gone very quickly and I have spent it in the company of two lovely, bright and happy children.    We have spent the day at home and been creative in our play and it has been a delight.

They are children being brought up to be strong and to care for each other.
It has been as day of playing games, reading books, making cubby houses, painting nails and lots of other good conversation between us.

We talked about School and returning there very soon after an extended holiday, we talked about food and meals and play and helping.

It was a delight and here are some photographs of our lovely day.

Grace was busy painting my nails.

Henry and the iPad

Rest time for Miss Grace

John and Grace working together.

Henry (aka Bob The Builder and his cubby creation.)

It was lovely to laugh with them and talk about the things that scare them and the things and people they love.  It is lovely to delve into the minds of thinking children and to hear what they feel about things.   It has been a lovely day for me.

It is a great honour to be entrusted with the care of children - and I value that these parents entrusted me with the greatest things in their lives and I am thankful for that.

I am thankful on Thankful Thursday for the care I was able to bestow on these two young lives and for the fact that I am well enough to be able to do this.  It was a whole day and not very long ago I would not have been able to do this.

Here I am, because someone gave thought and made the decision to become an organ donor, alive and well and able to be part of the lives I shared today. I am aware, I am thankful and I am contented (although a little weary) at the end of this day.

Thank you Grace and Henry for the fun and laughter we shared, thank you to your Parents for sharing you so willingly and to my Donor and the teams of Medical and Nursing Staff who cared for me - Thank you for giving me this lovely day.

I am glad you visited the Musings from my Heart so that I could share my joy with you.    I have a peaceful and contented heart.

Take care as you travel through your days.

Love and hugs,


Margee said...

Dear Linda, I loved today's blog. I can relate, when my grandchildren are here I'm exhausted! Thanks for sharing with us.

Glenda Johnston said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I do enjoy of being around children and playing with them. Your nails are beautiful. I miss my grandchildren being that age. Thanks for sharing.