Thursday, February 12, 2015


Welcome to Thankful Thursday from a very warm City of Adelaide where the temperature is scheduled to rise each day and by Saturday we are heading for 41/42 degrees - and that's HOT.    Today hasn't been too difficult to deal with - we have had clouds this afternoon which have taken away the glare.

Continuing with my nautical theme from yesterday and lighthouses today I focus on the Anchor and how very important it is that we have an anchor to hold us when the storms rage around us.    Someone who understands us, holds us up and keeps us steady when the winds strain against the ropes.

I am including a poem I wrote some time ago which is at
The Pages of Avalon,  and which gives support to the fact that Life does indeed need an anchor.     This was written from a prompt by a friend and I hope you enjoy it.

It has been a quiet day here and a good one too - not much happening and a lot of keeping out of the sun.

A busier day tomorrow when I go to Flinders Medical Centre for my regular check up with the Liver Team - I had my blood tests yesterday and the results go straight to the Clinic.   It is mid Friday afternoon and the roads will be at their busiest but Clinic is air conditioned and so too is my car, so all in all it will not be too difficult to cope with.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My heart and for reading 
"Because Life Needs an Anchor."  -  enjoy it - I enjoyed writing it and looking at the date it is exactly three years since that was written.

Take care and hang on safely to the ropes that hold your anchor and to the people in your life who anchor you and keep you safe.,

Love and hugs,

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Margee said...

Dear Linda , I am a very lucky person. My husband is my anchor. Through all this he is here. Thanks for the beautiful poem I read yesterday.
Have a great day!😄
Margeexx xx