Saturday, February 14, 2015


Good afternoon from a hot hot hot City of Adelaide  - is has been a strange day really with very heavy cloud this morning and the sun peeping through after lunch.    We are promised as cooler day tomorrow which is a rather nice thought.

I did hope to be here much earlier today but I have been doing "Housework" on a Group I administer on Facebook and it was not without its problems, but it is mostly done now and here I am.

I like very much this image and the quote and it is one I have used for years, 
regarding my relationship with my children (who, by the way are far from children now - they are well and truly adults and on their way.)

"Give them roots to anchor them and wings that they may fly."

How precious are the days when they live at home and sleep under our rooves   and we can anchor them safe from the storms.  How special to have them return from School and share their days with us and then to prepare and serve dinner and then tuck them in bed.  To provide warmth and shelter and allow them to put their roots down and to grow in safety !   How precious to see them grow and develop into young adults and then men and women anchored safe and sure in our hearts and homes.

I recall those days with warmth and much affection and can remember those first feelings when they started to spread their wings - how awful I felt and yet I knew they must fly and soar on eagle wings.   How special it was to help them fly and to encourage them - to take them where they needed to be.   Sports events, debating competitions, music classes and then to nurture them as they struggled with exams to get through to the end of School and off to University on the next stage of their grand adventure.  How keen and eager they were and how our hearts fluttered with trepidation as we watched them fly.   

I have had the privilege of seeing mine get to the stage of their lives where they are soaring and flying free - settled in good jobs, happy in their relationships and keen to travel and see their world.  They are very concerned about our world and are very concerned about their civic duty, political issues and world affairs. 

I am thankful for the joys and delights they have brought my way and happy too that I have been able to anchor them and watch them as they fly.

If you still have your young folk at home - make their roots deep and strong and nourish them and give them the strength and encouragement to fly.   It really is lovely to see the adults they become and very special when they come home.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart and for sharing roots and wings with me - cherish the time you have with your offspring - they are indeed precious days.

Love and hugs,

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