Friday, February 20, 2015


Good afternoon from a very hot City of Adelaide in a Country being hammered by Cyclones from the North and on the Queensland coast.  Tropical Cyclone "Marcia" crossed the coast near Yapoon this morning and caused significant damage to buildings and trees, power lines are down - it is being down graded back to Category 2 instead of 5.    We have cause to be grateful that there appears to have been no loss of life and no injuries.    It is time to be grateful for those blessings.

Rain is bucketing down and the Cyclone is joining with another wet weather event and there has been torrential rain all down the Queensland Coast.

Our Northern Territory has suffered at the hands of Cyclone Lam and again there is much damage.    Flooding is the main concern in many areas.

While my North American friends are experiencing extreme cold weather conditions, we have it hot and wet.

There is always something to be thankful for - and I am sure that there will be many stories of close calls and lucky escapes and hearts that are filled with gratitude.

It is so important that we teach our children to be thankful - and in memory I went back to childhood days and remembered singing this little verse both at home and at Sunday School:

Wherever you are and whatever your situation please try to find somethings to be thankful for and to enjoy.

There will be many more images coming through of both Cyclone areas - check them on line - Cyclone Lam and Cyclone Marcia.

Thank you for visiting the musings of my heart - a thankful heart for safety through these storms and for the technology that keeps people in touch.

Teach your children/grandchildren well about the beauty of gratitude.

Love and hugs,

This map with give you some idea of where the States are that I mention - Queensland and Northern Territory and I live in Adelaide, South Australia.  

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