Sunday, February 22, 2015


Good morning and welcome to Sunday Morning in Adelaide where the weather is warm but a little unsettled.   We are forecast a scorcher of a day, but early this morning I was able to sit outside with my coffee and feel the gentle cool breeze caress me  The sky was very pretty - peach/apricot and pink clouds graced my sky and brightened my morning.    I am inside now as I was not the only one up and out early - the mosquitoes decided to join the party.

Join me for tea as we meander through the morning and share some thoughts.

There is coffee if that is your preference.

Last Wednesday we bumped into someone we knew from the long ago and that has caused lots of thinking about the people we knew and lots of wondering as to how they are, where they are and what they are doing.  I would not have recognized the lady we met but she recognized John and then heard my voice and knew it was us.    At least my voice hasn't changed and there is still some vestige of my youth to be found.

These chance meetings in Supermarket aisles (yes we held up the shoppers for a while) can be lovely but can also be a little disturbing.    Disturbing in that when we struggle to remember it reminds us that we are growing older and that memory is not as sharp as it once was.   It reminds us that physically we are different, we have aged, our hair colour is different, we have wrinkles and a few more pounds than we did back then.     It reminds us that standing for long periods of time brings pain and that sharing the stories of what we have been through can be painful too.   

These conversations stir memory of those who have gone to the next stage of their journey and who we remember with affection.

We all have stories locked behind closed doors that we keep to ourselves about times we have struggled and mistakes we have made, hurts we have felt, times when we feel we have been used/abused,  people we have missed,  people we feel don't like us at all.

It is okay to open those doors and to let some light and healing in - do it ever so gently at first and those who truly love you will enter in trust and share the pains you have kept to yourself and encourage you to step outside into the light.  To be bold and brave and leave the door ajar.
It's okay - if you are not comfortable you can always close that door again.

Look at the bright and beautiful yellow door at the top of this page and feel the warmth of the sun, the warmth of love and friendship when you open that door.
It is good to reconnect with people and to put pieces of the puzzle that is us, together again.

I wish you joy and love, laughter and happy times as you open the door of your heart and your memory and revisit and reconnect - it is truly worthwhile.
It becomes a time of learning and understanding now what we did not understand then and we learn so much.   Those who truly love us will not judge us for our actions or our inactions - they will just accept us for what and who we are and love us just the same.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart and for opening that door just a little at first and allowing the light to shine for you.

I wish you love and light. 

Love and hugs,

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Margee said...

Dear Linda ,
Your weather sounds wonderful right now. We have had 10+ inches of snow, icy roads etc.
Enjoy your tea, I'll take the coffee.
Have a wonderful day.