Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Good Morning from Adelaide where the sky is blue, there is no wind and the temperature is deliciously cool - a delightful relief after days of blistering, debilitating heat.

It occurred to me recently how much the weather affects our lives, our moods and our daily living.   We listen carefully for the weather forecast and then poke fun at the Meteorologists when they get it wrong.

We all want a perfect day for a wedding, a party or a picnic - we want sunshine and gentle breezes.    There are other weather events which can be just as beautiful.    Soft refreshing and gentle rain to walk in, a stormy windy day by the ocean with the foam blowing up onto the shore line.  Gentle enveloping mists and fog.  Here in Adelaide it is rare for us to get mists and even rarer to get a thick fog, but I remember the days of my childhood when the fog would roll in over the River Mersey and the fog horns could he heard loud and long indicating safe pathways for the shipping.  I recall when the days were so thick with fog that the Bus Conductor would walk in front of the bus and guide the driver.   I can recall walking to school and not being able to see the buildings from the road and thinking "Yippee school has disappeared."

Life is like that - there are times of sunshine and glory days and then there are the rain events and the dark and gloomy fogs that envelop us and we have no choice but to keep walking on through the mists and come out the other side.

It is often we enter uncharted territory and walk alone and afraid, losing our way and then finding it again and we are changed forever.

I have walked through thick fog and felt lost and afraid but thanks to the love and support of family and friends, when I did come out the other side I was able to pick up my life and claim the victory - but I am changed.

I was treated with love, respect and dignity as I received the most amazing medical and nursing care - parts of those days are missing for me in a blur of pain and medication.   There are however, moments of clarity when certain individuals come to mind and I recall their tender hands and gentle voices and the wonderful care they gave me.   Their reassurance as I tried to put my feet to the ground and stand for the first time!  The gentle hands that showered me and washed my hair and the sweetest of voices that would sing to me.

Yes, the fog was thick and dense, but I kept walking and came through it - but I am changed.    The things that bothered me before no longer matter,  I don't sweat the small stuff and I continue to remind myself to be present to the moment each day.  To find joy in the little things, the cute and funny things, the blossoms on the bough and the fruits of the season.  Cutting into a fresh home grown peach the other day reminded me of the rolling on of the seasons and how blessed I am.  How blessed I am to be able to notice that the sun is coming up later these mornings, that the leaves are starting to turn and autumn is heading our way.

I am changed -  I am older, a little wiser, my hair has lots more grey, my skin is damaged (but it is functional although not decorative) and I have scars which I carry as marks of victory.   Yes I am changed but alive and well and living every moment of my life.  I find joy in writing and sharing through this Blog and I hope there is joy for those who read it.

Whatever day it is for you - enjoy it - if it is night time - then sleep warm and well and sweet sweet dreams be yours and I thank you for visiting the Musings from My Heart and walking through the fog for a while with me.

Be strong, be brave and walk safely through the mists.

Love and hugs, 

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