Friday, February 6, 2015


Good evening from a very warm city of Adelaide - Mother Nature has certainly turned the temperature up and we are to have very warm days for the next week.

This is Australia and this is summer so the heat is to be expected.   I have enjoyed the deliciously cool January so I am not complaining and the heat is a dry heat which is much easier to handle than a humid heat.

There is chaos in our Political world today and will be for a few more days yet while the party who is in Government tries to sort out who is to be the leader.  The plan is to depose the Prime Minister on Tuesday and it will be an interesting time and it is my hope and prayer that they show their "true colours" - honesty is so important and we,  as a nation in a troubled world,  seem to be so far from being told the truth.

It is so important that we tell the truth and teach our children to do the same  - if we give our word we should be true and keep that and carry through.

I have had a nice day and had a visit to my General Practitioner (Primary Doctor) and I am so glad I made the move to this Doctor - he is great.
Compassionate and caring and has dealt with Stevens Johnson Syndrome before so is very aware of how careful I have to be with medications, how very careful he has to be before prescribing meds.   He encourages me to advocate for myself and to speak up and to ask questions - it was a great move.   Late Friday was a good time to go for an appointment - not many people and lots of car parks available.

I have had lots of phone calls today and it has been lovely to be in touch with friends and family and I am off to have an early night in anticipation of the Cruise on the Lake tomorrow. 

The West Lakes Princess

As the week ends for all of us, I hope you have a peaceful evening/day and I hope you enjoy the anticipation of a weekend filled with special times with friends and family.   Find a good book and relax and enjoy.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart and I wish you a happy weekend.

Love and hugs,

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Margee said...

Hi Linda,
Your boat trip sounds really nice. I hope you enjoy!