Thursday, February 5, 2015


Good afternoon from a much warmer City of Adelaide and I share this image with you with great joy.    The gentleman in the image is Peter Greste (an Australian Journalist) who arrived home in Brisbane in the early hours of this morning, after spending over 400 days in Prison in Egypt.  

Despite his incarceration Peter has maintained his dignity and kept both his body and mind in very good shape.  It has been lovely to be able to read and view this "good news" after the desperate stories we are met with.  

At a Press Conference with his Parents this morning Peter reinforced what had kept him going - and he tells us "it's the little things".   On dark days he would travel in his mind to the beach, view a sunset or sail the Islands of the Whitsunday Passage.   He would imagine sand between his toes.

He spoke lovingly of how much his family means to him and how glad he is to be lovingly embraced by them and his friends and colleagues. The whole family gathered for this photograph and Peter lovingly held his niece in his arms and they are surrounded by brothers, sisters in law, nieces and nephews who all worked so hard to bring about his release.

His smile is broad and constant as he reminded us several times that "it's the little things" that really matter in this life.

The little things such as sand between your toes, a black velvet sky dotted with stars, sunrises and sunsets, and different things will mean different things to each one of us.

I rejoice that Peter is home with his family and can enjoy and share the little things and it brought me to thinking of the little things that mean so much to me.

It's the little things - sleeping in my own bed after coming home from hospital, walking through frosty grass, the joy of finding the first daffodil of springtime,
puddles after rain and splashing in them.    A bunch of flowers in a little dimpled hand brought so lovingly, the smell of freshly mown lawns, freshly brewed coffee and baking bread. 

The rustle of wrapping paper at Christmas, ribbons on a gift, a phone call from a friend or loved one, sharing deep and meaningful conversation with one who understands us.

A parcel in the post, an email from a friend, a "just for" gift, lunch with friends,  soups and stews in winter, a good book to read and time alone.

There are so many things that bring joy and gratitude - and yes it's the little things.

Find the little things in your life and revisit them and find joy in them - I am certain there are many of them.

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a heart filled with the joy of all the little things in my life.

Love and hugs,

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