Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Good afternoon from Adelaide where life is sweet and calm and the weather is lovely - cool and gentle but come the weekend I think Mother Nature is going to turn the heat up. 

I am off on Saturday for a cruise around the Lakes of West Lakes with a group of friends - it is a lunchtime cruise with lunch on board.   There will be eight of us and it will be great to enjoy the cruise, the company, lunch and friendship.
This is a group of friends and we often do things together - breakfasts, River Cruises, Dinners,  High Tea in the Barossa Valley and sometimes a movie.  Six girls and 2 Guys and there is much laughter - they are happy times.  I call this Group  "Guys and Dolls".

Members of this Group are all very different and each one has a tale to tell of how life has been for them and how they have learned to trust their own wings and not to tremble on the branches.

The bird doesn't trust the branch, but trusts it's own wings and is able to fly.

Sometimes we stand on the edge of life afraid that we may fall and ask the question "What if I fall ?"

I hope that you are able to fly - stretch your wings and be the person you were meant to be.    Take courage and strength and stretch those wings and fly in the freedom of the breezes of the sky that await you.  

Soar above the problems that beset you and live the life you imagined and it will take courage and strength but you can do it.  !!!

Thank you for visiting the Musings of My Heart - a heart that knows what it is like to sit on the branch and to not trust my wings and now one who has learned to fly and it is a wonderful life.

I wish you all a wonderful life as you soar above the problems that beset you and fly on those lovely strong wings.

Love and hugs,

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